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Building Permits

The City of Kindred contracts with Midwest Inspection Services for the city's building permitting and inspecting. Building permit applications are available at the links below, in the Auditor's office, or at Midwest Inspection Services.


Fence Permit Applications are processed at Kindred City Hall. 


Midwest Inspection Services

Michael Blevins, Building Official

310 1st Ave SE

Mapleton, ND 58059

(701) 532-1078




Building Permit FAQ

What kind of projects do I need a building permit for?

Building Permits are required for room additions, decks, porches, finished basements, masonry fireplaces, interior modifications, window replacement of larger size, structural renovations/repair, demolition work, accessory structures, and fences. Separate plumbing and electrical permits may be required for the installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement and/or addition to any electrical or plumbing systems.

Permits are NOT needed to paint a house (interior or exterior), re-shingle, re-side, hang wallpaper, replace cabinets and do similar finish work, install concrete sidewalks and patios entirely on your property, or insulate an existing building where no structural changes are made.


Why do I need a permit?

The City of Kindred building code requires you to obtain a permit before doing certain types of construction, both new and/or remodeling. Permits allow the city to know when you are working on a construction project and that our inspectors know which jobs need to be inspected. A permit also establishes a record of the construction and remodeling history of your property and that the construction was built to current building code requirements. Review of permit applications ensures that your home meets the zoning requirements such as yard coverage, setbacks, and building height. 

How do I apply for a permit? Where do I obtain my permit?

Residents can fill out the Residential Building Permit Application and submit it in person or by email to Midwest Inspection Services. Commercial/contractors can complete the Commercial Building Permit Application.

Is there a charge for a permit?

There is a charge for permits. Building permit charges are based upon the value of the project. See Residential Building Permit Fees and Commercial Building Permit Fees for fee schedule.

General Building Permit Information and Guidelines 

Kindred Civil Site Plan Requirements

Storm Water Management Policy, referenced in Chapter 9-04

General Building Permit Information FAQ

Guideline for Remodeling a Dwelling

Guideline for Building Additions to Dwellings

Guideline for Building a Residential Deck

Guideline for Egress Window Detail

Guideline for Residential 3-Season Porch

Guideline for Floating Slab Accessory Structure

Guideline for Frost Protected Accessory Structure

Guideline for Stairways & Handrails for Residential Structures

Asbestos Fact Sheet Information

Asbestos Brochure

Asbestos Letter - 10/12/2021 from ND Dept. of Environmental Quality

Residential Building Permit Information

Residential Building Permit Application

Residential Building Permit Fees

Residential Plan Routing Information

Residential Building Plans Example

Commercial Building Permit Information

Commercial Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit Fees

Commercial Mechanical Permit Fees

Commercial Plan Routing Information

Local Fire Authority - Kindred Fire Department - Building Permit Fees

New Construction/Contractor Standard Specifications

Kindred Standard Specifications for Construction

Kindred Standard Specifications for Construction - Exterior Work Checklist

Kindred Standard Specifications for Construction - Lot Grading

Kindred Water Meter Installation & Water Shut Off Valve Requirements

Fence Permit Information and Guidelines 

Fence Permit Application

Kindred General Fencing & Screening Requirements


Registered Land Surveyor contact information:

Moore Engineering: Alex Thiel; 701-499-5850; email

Bolton & Menk


General Information
New Construction/Contractor
Fence Permits
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