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Compost Containers

~~~ AVAILABLE MAY 1, 2024 ~~~

The City of Kindred contracts with Waste Management and the City of Fargo to provide roll-off dumpsters for compost and yard waste disposal. The compost containers are located on Elm Street, west of the railroad tracks by the City Shop. 

1. Compost containers are available for City of Kindred residents. No commercial use. Not for non-residents.

2. The city has provided separate containers - one for ONLY branches/limbs and one for ONLY grass clippings, leaves, garden trimmings, and excess fruit/vegetable scraps. The containers are labeled accordingly.

3. Branches are NOT ALLOWED in the leaves and grass clippings container.

4. Do not place plastic bags of any kind into the containers. Grass clippings, leaves, etc. must be emptied into the containers WITHOUT plastic bags. There is a receptacle available for plastic bag disposal.

5. If the containers are full, do not leave yard waste on the ground. Check back the following day, as we monitor these daily and requested empty containers as needed. 

6. The compost container site is not a collection site for appliances or junk of any kind. This is considered illegal dumping and is punishable by fines (City Ordinance Ch 15-0311). This property is under 24-hour camera surveillance.

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