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Saturday, April 27, 2024 - Curbside Clean up~

  • Households that have residential garbage service from the city of Kindred are eligible for curbside cleanup. (Not available for commercial properties)

  • Items WILL NOT be picked up in the alley - residents will be allowed to leave acceptable bulky garbage on their street, avenue, or boulevard.

  • The allowable quantity per residence is approximately two yards.

  • Sanitation workers will begin pick up early Saturday morning.

  • Please be attentive of the weather when planning to put out discarded items to help alleviate any possible debris being blown into neighbors' yards or city streets.

  • Please note that any items deemed unacceptable or to be a hazard to the driver or collection vehicle will need to be removed from the boulevard by Wednesday, May 1, 2024.


​- Bulky household items including chairs, sofas, mattresses, furniture, toilets, etc.

- Large items that will not fit in your weekly garbage service tote

- Paint cans (lids off & paint dried - can air dry or use kitty litter or other absorbent materials to absorb the paint)


- Automobile parts including motors, tires on rims, doors, fenders, car seats, batteries, bumpers, tires (recreational and/or farm equipment tires will NOT be collected

- Bricks, cinderblocks, concrete, rocks, marble or simulated marble countertops

- Brush, dirt, sand, soil, yard waste

- Building/construction materials, ceramic tile, duct or sheet metal materials, roofing materials, shingles, plaster, sheetrock

- Floor coverings (except carpet/padding installed or removed by homeowner)

- Electronic waste: PLEASE NOTE: televisions and computers and related computer equipment are banned from landfills; this includes CPUs, laptops, monitors, printers, printer/fax/scan devices, mice & keyboards; and all televisions, including flat-panel televisions projection televisions adn televisions with picture tubes.

- Chain link fencing, fence posts with concrete attached, railroad ties

- Fire damaged items

- Glass

- Grocery carts

- Oil drums, propane/oxygen tanks, antifreeze/used oil, fluorescent bulbs, paint & other hazardous waste

- Central air conditioning or heating units

- Excluded waste, white goods, appliances, electronics, hazardous materials, auto parts, batteries, or yard waste. (White goods are major appliances - washer, dryer, fridge, AC unit, dishwasher, water heater, etc. They gained this name due to the default "white color" they are typically known for.

- Excluded waste: any regulated quantity of Hazardous Waste or Hazardous Substance as defined by federal, state, or local laws or regulations; unidentified containerized wastes, sludge(s), waste from a pollution control process or cleanup of a chemical spill or chemical substance, waste tires, bio hazards or regulated medical waste, friable asbestos, construction or demolition waste, soil sod tree branches and stumps, paint, motor oil, and excessive debris or debris resulting from weather events.

~ MONDAY, April 29, 2024  - Metal Appliance & Freon Items Pickup~

On Monday, April 29, Kindred Public Works Department will be picking up METAL APPLIANCES and FREON-CONTAINING items. Please have your items on the curb by 7:00 a.m. 

A fee of $50.00 PER ITEM will be billed to the resident's monthly City of Kindred utility bill. 


- Washing machines, dryers, ovens/stoves, dishwashers, water heaters, microwaves

- Freezers, refrigerators and other freon-containing items


- Televisions, electronics, computers

- Plastic

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Kindred residents who have residential garbage service (contracted through Waste Management) can utilize the City of Fargo's Household Hazardous Waste Facility. For more information, go to the City of Fargo's Household Hazardous Waste website or call them at (701) 281-8915.

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